Hi! I’m Karidon.

Your go-to girl for all things health, fitness, personal growth, turquoise, cactus, sparkles, and FUN! I am on a constant journey to grow myself as a person. Find who I was really designed to be and create some pretty awesome stuff along the way.

I’m first off a wife to my amazing husband of now 7 years.

Boy mom to my amazing son Sager.

I’m the CEO of my own Health & Fitness Business. 

Natural birth, cloth diapering, and holistic health mother. (you could call me a bit crunchy in this area) 😜

I currently live in Wyoming where I love to do anything outdoors. Hunting, camping, fishing, riding horses (former barrel racer). Basically anything that’ll get me out of the house and up into the mountains.

I have found this passion for living a life by design instead of default. I’ve learned that “keeping up with the Jones’s” is not something I want to do. I want to take the path less travelled, even if it means it’s a bit harder. It’ll be worth it! We’ve been able to pay off a CRAZY amount of debt and are on track to live a life of complete financial freedom which is SO EXCITING to me!! Something I never really thought would have been possible for us before.

But…there’s always a BEFORE all this happened. About 4.5 years ago, I had just moved to a new state, was gaining weight pretty quickly and was very unhappy with just who I was becoming as a person. I lost who I was. I would find myself hating the way I felt and looked getting dressed for work in the morning or to go on a date with my husband because nothing fit the way it used to. I would have to find specific shirts to go with certain pants to try to cover up my muffin top.

I came across a girls post on Facebook (by an absolute act of God) showing a transformation photo and realized that her before picture was my current situation. I wanted her after picture. So I reached out to her.


Long story – made short, I joined in my first accountability group following a workout program and drinking a daily superfood shake. That completely changed the direction of my life. Not only did it help me break my plateau I was in with my body and lose 25 pounds, but it gave me my confidence back and helped me start on a new path of a LONG-TERM healthier lifestyle. And that then turned into my business.

Little did I know that almost 5 years later, here we’d be. In the best shape of my life. (although, don’t get me wrong, there has been ups and downs through all of this!) I’m creating a healthier environment for my family. Making a significant income working in the “mom cracks” of my day being a stay at home mom. And helping others to do the same. We literally get paid to work a business that MAKES us live a healthy lifestyle and workout! Like, who does that?!

I’m forever thankful for this path that my life has started on. It’s opened my eyes to SO MANY different possibilities that I otherwise would have never known. I no longer am living a life by default of “going to work to pay the bills until you die”, but by design. How I want to design it! And I’m really excited to see the future for myself and those along this journey with me.

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