Dear mama, your worth is NOT determined by your weight. It’s not determined by the inches around your waist. It’s not even determined by the size on the back of your jeans.

He’ll remember the kind of mom you were, not the inches around your belly.

He’ll remember the amount of energy you had to keep up with him. To have patience with him.

To not snap at him at the drop of a hat because you didn’t feel good.

He’ll know you had to take time for yourself first so you could be your best for him and for his daddy.

You know how important it is to BE your best to GIVE your best and that’s what you do. (RIGHT?!) The way that I do this is by taking care of my BODY. Which also takes care of my mental state and my mind. It’s a full circle thing for me.

Knowing my body FEELS good, and is HEALTHY, the rest of my life seems to run better too. You can’t run this race with an unhealthy body for long.

It’s not selfish to take care of you, mommy. It’s necessary.

You have to come first. As selfish as that sounds, in all honesty, it’s selfish not to. 🤔

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