I accidentally caught this photo while messing with my camera the other day. I didn’t even notice it was on there till I went back and looked through them. Normally, I would have just deleted it cause it wasn’t planned and heaven forbid if anyone sees it. 🤦‍♀️

My initial thought was that I hated it. I mean, “look at that double chin”…along with a few others.

Then I realized something.

I would NEVER say that to a friend. I would feel so bad that I made her feel bad about herself. But yet, there I was, saying it about myself…and making myself feel bad about what I seen and what my reality is.

Ladies, it does absolutely NOTHING for you to say negative things about yourself or your body and speak down to yourself. If you’re not happy with where you’re physically at, yes, you do have the power to change that. But it’s not going to change by you talking down on yourself.

Speak love and encouragement over your body. Be thankful for what it’s doing for you. Yes, strive to treat it better, but that goes both mentally AND physically.

You won’t get the body you love by hating the one you have now.

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