Hey there! I’m Karidon.
Wife to an amazing man, and a mom to two boys.
I’m a lover of Jesus, all things turquoise, cactus and GROWTH!
I used to be that girl that was so stuck inside my own head. It started off with a few body image issues, which led to strict dieting and over-exercising. Then over time, that led to binge eating and gaining a horrible relationship with food and my body.

That was a really dark season of my life, but looking back on it now, that’s where things really started to shift for me.

I KNEW something had to change and I couldn’t keep going like this. Never trusting myself. Always talking negative about myself. Never wanting to set any goals for life because I knew I just wouldn’t achieve them. Such a vicious cycle, right?!
This is where I was introduced to this idea of “life coaching”. And I hired my first Coach.
This is where EVERYTHING changed for me and I truly believe it was an absolute act of God. I realized it was my THOUGHTS and my belief systems that were holding me back this whole time. Not the strategies or “what to do”. That wasn’t my issue. I knew what to do to get the results I wanted, but just couldn’t keep them.
So once I dug into my limiting beliefs, and the thoughts that were driving my behavior – I started seeing life in a whole new light. I was actually keeping the results that I was getting and it was SIMPLE! Not exhausting and a challenge to keep. I just had to focus on my thoughts and the rest just fell into place.

This is what drove me to become a coach. I prefer to call myself a Mindset Coach or better yet, a BREAKTHROUGH Coach. Because that’s ultimately what I do. I help mamas see massive breakthrough in their day to day lives. Because it’s HARD being a mom. Not only for ourselves, but also because it determines the way we parent our children. It’s about future generations. It ALL starts with us. We truly have that power!


My Passion

My passion is to see moms live up to their true potential. It’s so easy to get sucked into the day to day “grind” and lose ourselves. Which over time, that leads us to losing that SPARK we used to have for life (or never even really found). 

My goal is to help you find that again! To bring out limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving the life that you’re truly designed for. And I don’t mean that in some cliche way you’ve heard time and time again. I’ve experienced this for myself personally and I KNOW that you can too!! 

It sucks feeling stuck. Feeling in that dark place where all you want to do is hide from the world and find external ways to “cope”. But I’m here to tell you the steps, strategies, and tools to get you to where you want to be are seriously SO SIMPLE. It’s not easy, or else everyone would do it. BUT it is simple. 

And I’m here to help you achieve the life you’ve desired. For yourself, for your kids, for your family, and for your future. Because it’s about changing generations. But it starts with YOU, mama.