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Do you struggle with negative self-image? 

Feel like you’ve just lost yourself and who you want to be in life? 

Do you struggle with binge eating or emotional eating that’s taking up so much mental space in your head?

Feel like a prisoner to food? Like it controls you instead of you being in control? 

Do you feel “broken” and like you just can’t get out of this funk? 

Do you struggle with the way you view yourself and your body?

Constantly talking negatively about it feeling like you need to be doing the next diet you come across to change it to finally feel “happy”? 

You shouldn’t have to hate the body you’re in in order to get the body you desire. 

It all starts with simple mindset shifts that will create the reality you desire to live in. 

How much is negative self-image and an unhealthy relationship to food costing you? Is it keeping you from living life to its fullest potential? 

How many opportunities and experiences have you been missing out on because you’ve been obsessed over your body image, or food, or just a total lack of confidence in yourself? 

Do you even really understand the importance of overcoming this negative place you’ve been in when it comes to your home and those around you? Raising the next generation?

The things that you are subconsciously passing onto them. 

Negative self-image and an unhealthy relationship to your body, food, or yourself in general may already be costing you a LOT more than you think. 

Karidon is a certified life coach and routinely helps her clients breakthrough self-limiting beliefs to find the results they never thought they’d be able to achieve. 

What is included in the course?

8 LIVE training video modules 

8 LIVE Zoom interactive calls – where we will go over Q&A, get personalized support, etc.

Private Facebook Group

Bonus #1 – A 1 hour 1:1 Zoom session ($225 value)

Bonus #2 – Self Coaching Guide to help you conquer negative self-image thoughts ($75 value)

Bonus #3 – Course Module Audio Versions – ($59 value)

The Course Modules

We’ll be covering things like… 


  • Your mindset, making your thoughts ones of TRUTH to get the results that you desire. 
  • How your belief systems have created your reality (and how to change them to create the reality you DESIRE) 
  • Breaking habits
  • Daily routines – how to structure your day so that it’s serving you instead of you serving it. 
  • How to get more energy INSTANTLY (without having to drink more coffee) 
  • Passing this onto those around you – how you determine the temperature of the home.
  • Reaching those goals you’ve set without striving
  • Health/Diet/Nutrition – why what I teach is different than where anywhere else will teach you

The Bonuses

Bonus #1 – A 1 hour 1:1 Zoom session ($225 value)

In this call, we will dive deep into what is personally holding you back and go over anything you need at that time. It’s 100% personalized to anything you need I and I will be all yours to help you overcome what’s keeping you from getting to your next level. 


Bonus #2.  Self Coaching Guide to help you conquer negative self-image thoughts ($75 value)

You can not control what life throws at you, but you CAN control how you respond to it. This guide will walk you through the steps to respond in a way that is productive and serving you to live in emotional freedom, instead of feeling enslaved to negative self thoughts that torment you and drive you to make decisions you wish you didn’t again and again. 

This is a handy guide to help you overcome these negative thoughts in the moment. The more you implement this process, the faster you will overcome these negative self-beliefs.


Bonus #3 – Course Module Audio Versions – ($59 value) 

Your life is busy…I get that. 

The audio recordings are a great way to keep your mind active on the material throughout the week. It’s not always feasible to watch a video and take notes. 

It is easy to pop in an ear bud and listen to content while:

  • Exercising at the gym
  • Driving in the car 
  • Doing work around the house

Listening to the content multiple times will make it easier for you to get the change you desire. 

Amazing Client Testimonials

Lindsay K.

I lost over 40lbs when I changed the way that I thought about my body. With the help of a coach, I identified self-sabotaging thoughts that led to negative beliefs and actions. Once I changed my thinking, my beliefs changed which led to me taking different actions in the areas of detoxing, exercising and what I fed myself. Everything changed when I changed the way that I saw myself!

Sara R.

I have struggled with binge eating my entire adult life. I had enough of the guilt, shame, embarrassment, depression and negativity. Which is when I reached out to Karidon. The approaches we’ve taken with this have been different than anything I’ve done before. I’ve learned I can’t hate my body into submission. I’ve learned I’m the same fabulous girl that I was 15 pounds ago and I deserve the same fabulous things now that I did then. I am on an EASY path to lose the weight now. I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be the usual “hard” that dieting and weight loss meant to me my whole life. It’s freedom to become the person God designed me to be.

Danielle F.

I tried so many diets and workout routines throughout my teenage years and adult life and always has the same result of inconsistency, struggle, frustration and failure.  It wasn’t until I began working on my mindset and beliefs around my body when my results started to get noticeable and exciting.  I’m the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been in my entire life and it was simpler and more fun than anything I’ve ever done in the past.  My mindset and beliefs around my body is 100% the reason why I have the results I do.

100% Money Back Guarantee

More than a guarantee, it’s my personal promise. Take the full 8 weeks and work your way through the course. Follow the homework and implement the strategies. If you’re not surprised and 100% satisfied with the results you’ve experienced, simply ask for a refund.

We will send you 100% of your money back, with no hassle, and we will still be friends. I take all the risk and you take no risk at all.